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2001 Honda Foreman 450s

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Everyone from the forum saved me on the last 4 wheeler I was looking at so figured I would throw up the current one I'm looking at.

2001 Honda Foreman 450 S...asking price is $2200. 250 hours with 1395 miles. Looks like it is in good shape. Has footrest and handguard accessories also. I can't figure out how to post pics so I'll just link the marketplace post...

Whats your thoughts?
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looks like a clean ATV, but these days, everyone knows to wash things and tell you it was drivin by grand ma ONLY to get the mail LOL

didn;t see where it listed how many hours and miles

if possible, I'd take a compression tester, check that, and also, if possible, get atv off the ground and check wheel bearings, all the more so the left rear side, as that is a known weak link on these models!
once they go bad, they lead to destroyed rear axles in short order, due to water gets in and rusts splines off axle real fast!

then the rest of basic's on used anything
look for bent. broken, signs of being rolled and such
mrbb; 250 hrs, with 1,395 miles, at top of thread^^
does that weak link include 2000es models? it could explain some things i seen on mine, after i got it. i paid $3,000.oo in 2008. it had 750 hours, an 1,200 miles, best i can remember. i have to double check the hour figure. its wrote down somewhere, maybe here. mine was used by a farmer, up in indiana. he just used it to check fence, and tend to cattle, so the dealer told me.
it could be true, :smile, least it wasnt drove to church on sunday, by an old women.
the hours, could have been 450hrs, at 1,200 miles, an now its 750 hrs, at 5000 miles. the display is getting hard to read. i have to check some of my old threads. 450 hrs seems more realistic, with 1,200 miles.
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