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2001 foreman 450

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I rebuilt the carb and it cranks and runs. After you drive it for a few minutes and it gets warm, it starts cutting off and won’t run again for a few minutes until it cools down. Any suggestions?
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check to make sure fuel is getting to the carb ?. float sticking ?, petcock stopped up ?, tank not venting ?. fresh fuel ?. new spark plug ?.
It’s getting fuel. Once the motor gets warmed up after a few minutes, it won’t run. Have to wait a while for it to cool down to crank back up
my money say's your not getting constant fuel to the carb. as for the fan not coming on ?, this tells me the fan motor is bad ?, or the oil temp sensor is bad ?, or the connection to the sensor is not making a good clean connection ?. gonna look your model up, and see if it has a separate fan control module ?, if it does ?, this maybe why its shutting down ?, because the fan isn't coming on !. some atvs have the fan control unit tied into the c.d.i., if the fan control unit fails ?, it should kill power to the c.d.i., this happens in an over heat, it keeps the motor from seizing up. don't quote me on this fan control unit !, I have not checked lately, and I dont remember if my '03 has one ?
yep, you have a fan control unit. posb its bad ?, if it is ?, it will keep the fan from coming on, as well as shut power down to c.d.i. but check this in the service manual to be sure !, before you go buying a part you dont need. start with the above process ^^^ I lined out first.
Hows it going guys? I have a 2001 honda foreman 450 es and my speed sensor is leaking. Do you have to by a new one or is it possible to just out some rtv on it and call it good? Also the screen on my atv cuts in and out. Could that be caused by the leaking sensor
please start your own thread, this stops a lot of confusion. we'll get ya help in your thread. post a thread in the repair section, thanks !.
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