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2001 foreman 45 Es check list finished

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I just got done chaning the oil and oil filter
I also check the gear oil front and rear axle both were excellent in color (NO SIGNS OF WATER)
I did change it last year so I would say one more season before I will changeit.
I then checked the brakes .o.k.
I did change the Ait Filter [email protected] and oil the filter with [email protected] oil
I also did change the spark plug,I did notice the plug was good but had some black carbon other wise not bad .I may adjust the fuel mixture maybe a tad leaner other wise no sign of engine buring oil and I did not use any oil added to the crankcase for the entire 2009 season.
I just pick up 4 new knock off Dunlops KT's 4 for 100.00 bucks.
I was going to pick up a set of buffalo or Duro but for the 100.00 bucks for the Dunlop I think it was a super deal,I will mount them Next week I have a manuel tire changer from harbor frieght seem to pay for itself over the years.
The oil crankcase i ue the honda oil I think it took about 2 1/2 quarts with the new [email protected] oil filter
I think it ready for the 2010 season
I hope I did not mis anything
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Sounds like you got all the fluids. You might want to check your wheel bearings, ball joints, and tie rod ends to make sure nothing is worn or loose.
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