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2001 Arctic Cat 500 Automatic

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Hi everyone. I finally decided to join the group. I’m glad I did. I’m hoping to fix a problem with my atv. So I have a 2001 Arctic Cat 500 automatic. When a buddy of my mine was riding it yesterday, I noticed when he was stuck trying to climb an ice hill that only one tire was turning. He was in four wheel drive. I would think that both wheels should be turning. Does this mean I need to replace a cv shaft? Also, is there a way I can verify this by checking the front of the wheeler out? Thanks for any help or advise! Jason C
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Cat didn’t have a locking front diff until later on, maybe 2004-2005? So yours would just be limited slip. Likely 90% of the time your only ever going to get one front wheel spinning. If one of the CV’s broke on the front you’d get no drive at all, the wheel with the least resistance gets power on these limited slip diffs, so if an axle breaks or one tire is on ice it one wheel is in the will get power and nothing will go to the tire firmly planted on the ground.

I assume the rear tires were both spinning fine right ?

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