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2001 450ES Foreman shifting trouble

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Parked bike last year, working OK. Have had shifting trouble in the past and used manual shifter lever once in awhile to overcome intermittent shifting problem, usually when very cold outside temp.
Now ES won't work and cannot move manual shifter lever either. Can push bike backward/forward by hand.
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How old is your battery? It takes quite a bit of electrical power to actuate a shift motor.


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I have a trx350 and had a problem with shifting and found grease in shift motor gear assembly had dried out to a playdo type texture. I cleaned it out and regreased with high heat lithium grease and it solved the problem. Mine would randomly stop shifting and flash gear # on speedometer display. There is a post on here about it where guy that figured it out sent email to Honda and they have since changed grease types in newer bikes at assembly line.
I doubt it is a battery , wiring or electrical connection problem , cause you mentioned it won't shift with the emergency shifter , something is stuck
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