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2001 400ex wont start

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hey i have a 400ex replaced everything that i thought it could be ( plug, wire harness, rectifier, plug cap, cleaned the carb and new gas). There is only one thing left the clutch nutral wire when its connected blows the fuse every time i turn it on, I checked the wire that goes to the main wire harness and the main wire harness is new i also tryed grounding the wire out on the main ground and it still pops the fuse im soo lost.
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Check your compression and valves. just a thought. and the trimming, run down all your wires if its blowing a fuse you got a ground.
What collier is the wire you are grounding out?? Green is ground Yellow with green strip runs to your starter relay switch.
Coming off the clutch switch it should be Green and a Yellow with a green tracer.
you can down load a free manual hear.
I found a Light green wire with a red tracer leading to the neutral light indicator
Were you located at. There may be some members on hear that live near buy that can help out. Go to the link I posted up and click on the 400ex and it should start downloading for you.
I hope it helps you out on getting it going. Keep us updated on the progress.
1 - 7 of 15 Posts
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