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2001 400ex wont start

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hey i have a 400ex replaced everything that i thought it could be ( plug, wire harness, rectifier, plug cap, cleaned the carb and new gas). There is only one thing left the clutch nutral wire when its connected blows the fuse every time i turn it on, I checked the wire that goes to the main wire harness and the main wire harness is new i also tryed grounding the wire out on the main ground and it still pops the fuse im soo lost.
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Clutch neutral wire? well that's the light green wire it runs to a diode comes out of the diode changes to yellow/green leading to the clutch switch and starter relay which give power to the switchs (clutch and nuetral switch) I think I would be looking at the wires leading to the clutch lever you may have a stuck microswitch or a chaffed wire. or a bad bulb socket on the Neutrl light.
If I'm reading your schematic correctly you can bypass the clutch switch with just a jumper wire... this is a N/O switch. If you go to Napa, Advance or autozone or whatever parts store you have there get you a two wire green light you can hook up that for a neutral light. I would think you need to complete the circuit in order to run. As far as the fuse blowing I really think that you have a bad switch or the start button on the bars is grounding out inside due to a collapsed spring, I've seen this before. reason being when you depress the button it closes the contacts and activates power between the yellow/red wire and black the yellow/red leads from the button to the starter relay through that connecting it to the yellow/green which leads to your neutral safety switch and clutch switch the black wire or Batt 2 on the button leads to the ignition key switch and branches off to the NEUTRAL LIGHT..... HINT HINT

Was it running before all of this? I mean with the aftermarket clutch perch?
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