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2001 400ex wont start

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hey i have a 400ex replaced everything that i thought it could be ( plug, wire harness, rectifier, plug cap, cleaned the carb and new gas). There is only one thing left the clutch nutral wire when its connected blows the fuse every time i turn it on, I checked the wire that goes to the main wire harness and the main wire harness is new i also tryed grounding the wire out on the main ground and it still pops the fuse im soo lost.
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soo i wish i never bought this thing ...... there isnt a nutral light...or any lights for that matter also i have an aftermarket clutch lever witch has no wires coming off of it. So whats my next step.... its getting spark and it seems like its getting fuel( spark plug is wet with fuel after i pull it out after rolling it over a few times and i can see fuel coming out of the carb so shouldnt it be starting?
it only blows the fuse when you ground out the clutch wire and it seems to have good compresion.It sucks my hand to the intake of the carb when i manualy choke it and when i put my finger over the spark plug hole it blows my finger off... i know its not very acurate way of testing compresion. ill read up how to check the valve clearance
light green with a brown tracer
thanks man i looked everywhere on the internet and i could'nt find any manuals its kinda hard figuring wire problems with out a manual specialy senice this is my first fourwheeler
i live in nova scotia canada and ya i got it downloaded it was exsactly what i was looking for. thanks
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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