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2001 300 ex top end rebuild

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I know, I know this has been posted over and over here probably and the one thread I found , that had a useful reply saying that the cam lobes are facing down on TDC is the compression stroke is helpful but im not sure what stroke the bike was taken apart on .. 300 ex that was torn apart already with a replated cylinder and piston and such .. anyways im getting the bike back together finally .. Since the cam was out I have no way of knowing if when it was taken apart it was on the compression stroke or not.. I have worked on tons of cars and all " consider me a shade tree" ... Is it possible to have it 180 degrees out ? does the spark plus fire every rotation no matter what .. ?? thanks for any reponses I get .. I have it properly timed and waiting on a manual chain adjuster now ... but I wanna know if the spark pattern can possibly be off or not ...

Thanks for any help guys !
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I've never had a Honda 300ex apart, but I assume it's similar to a Honda 300 4x4... The timing chain sprocket is marked with dots. They have to align. So it doesn't matter how the motor was taken apart, you have to ensure you get the timing marks lined up and the cam put in proper. I can't tell you off the top of my head, as I always refer to my service manual.

I suggest you download a manual!!!!!
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