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Good Evening. I have a question. I am working on a 2000 Honda TRX450FE.

New Issue: Will not shift and the Reverse & Neutral light are on but dimmer than normal

Prior Issue: Electric Shift was intermittent (New issue was not present yet)

Prior Issue Work: Installed new shift motor & Angle Sensor

Prior Issue was fixed for a little bit. Still the New issue was not present yet. So, I rode the machine for a test ride it shifted up and down through all the gears the first day, then the second day I rode it again but now it would shift to 2nd gear and it wouldn't shift up or down but dashes would show on the screen. I would turn it off, then turn it back on then it would go to Neutral and I could start it and get back to the garage in 2nd gear. Then I started diagnosing per the book not until I removed the speed sensor (2P connector) and re-installed it this NEW ISSUE came up with both neutral and reverse lights staying on. So I removed the speed sensor and also unplugged it and the lights are still on. I then disconnected the 4 plug connector for the shift sensor and put ground to the reverse light and then the neutral light and even though they are constantly illuminated, once i touched each prong individually the lights got brighter than they were (both didn't brighten at the same time, just each individually) I can wiggle the 4P connector and the "N" indicator will show up. I can also manually shift it through all the gears without any problem but the indicator will stop at 1st gear.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.
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