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2000 trx350fe rancher es question

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New member, recently swapped for this rancher, electric shift does not work but emergency manual shift does with no problems. Following troubleshooting in service manual. First step says, turn ign. off, disconnect large ecu connector and check voltage from black/green wire to ground. should be 11 volts minimum. I did and had no voltage. I can read wiring diagrams and do everyday at work in the hvac industry. According to diagram I should not have voltage unless the ign. switch is on. I did ohm my wires and they have continuity where they should. I went through step 2 with no problems and at step 3 found my angle sensor bad, open circuit in either position. Am I missing something here. Sorry so long but did not want to leave anything out, any help is greatly appreciated.
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speedometer works fine and all other parts of display. The guy I got it from said es did not work so he just always manually shifted it. The service manual says only use emergency manual shift sparingly as it could damage the transmission if used all the time, and to operate it with your hand, not foot. Could be alot of things but just want to properly diagnos and replace whats needed. Thanks for your response.
no ideas, I did do a search and reread my service/ troubleshooting manual. I just can't see according to the wiring diagram and also with the large ecu connector disconnected for the first procedure how an open circuit on the angle sensor can cause a no voltage reading. Again any technical help would be appreciated. Thanks
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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