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I have original sizes 24x8-12 and 25x11-10 , what size tires can I go with without changing rims as these sizes seem hard to find
Must be a 2wd Rancher. And looks like in 2000 they came with a 25 inch tire on a 10 inch diameter rim. I've already learned my new thing for the day. I didn't think any Rancher ever came stock with anything bigger than a 24 until now.

I'd go with what retro recommended and put 12" rims on the rear. You can affordably do this by finding a set of Rubicon or Foreman take-offs with the correct offset, or buy a couple Delta Steels. Even a couple SRA yamaha rear rims would work.

Then you can run 24 or 25 x 12's. Tons of tires to choose from then.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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