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2000 rancher 4x4 ES

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I inherited this ATV a few months ago. It has been sitting for maybe 2 years. it started right up. It only runs with the choke on. I drained the old gas and cleaned the tank. took the carb out and cleaned it and gave it a carb soak. Noticed it had no gaskets so I ordered a refurbish kit. Just in case I ordered a new Chinese replacement carb also. I put the old carb after rebuild on the shelf for emergency. I installed the new carb and it fired right up. My only issue is the idle is way to high and the throttle adjustment on the outside of the carb is all the way out. for the record also I was told the last time it was ran it fell out of the truck going down the road and the handle bars are tweaked pretty hard so i got a solid used perfect match and switched those out also. It is amazing how little outward damage it took! So far everything is working perfectly and everything is straight. Is there another throttle adjustment that can be done with out tearing everything apart again?

Thanks all!

Heath O.
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The only adjustment you can make on china carbs that will fix your motor is a quick toss into your trash basket. You'll need to put your OEM carb on the motor to fix it.

Use the service manual to set up your OEM carb to specs. Use only the rubber gaskets and o-rings from cheap china carb kits in your OEM carb. The brass jets, all metal parts, and the float valve in china kits are pure garbage. Your OEM carb has to have all OEM hard parts in it, or it won't ever work right.

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No... don't buy a new carb, fix the original. They are easy to clean up and setup to specs.
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