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Hi Everyone
First Thanks for let me be part of this community, and new on this forums and new on ATV world, I been riding for long time Harley's but never have an ATV, I like it so far but I got this really bit up Recon and I'm trying to bring him back to a good life, hope you can help me guys.

Anyway the quad is running fine and charging the battery good but at 1/4 open throttle I notice like the quad loose power, begins like loose spark but I thinks can't be spark because the lights goes off and on very fast, if I open more the throttle it's go fine, I been checking connections on battery, cleaning contacts but I don't know how to test the stator A/C output because I don't have the manual, today I check another connector coming out from the stator and have 2 yellow wires and 1 black, well the black was very high maybe like 20 amps at idle, but I don't want to do anything else because I don't know what I'm looking.

Well hope ear soon some recommendations.

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