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I have a 2000 Rancher. Got it from my neighbor. It was leaking from a stuck float. Changed the carb, removed and detail cleaned inside the tank. I noticed the screen from the petcock was completely disintegrated. Do I need that? I put a filter between the tank and carb. I noticed that when the hose is disconnected from the carb fuel flow easily and in a large volume. When connected to the carb no fuel flows from the tank into the filter and eventually it starves for fuel and dies. I can't figure out why it wont take fuel. As I said, its a new carb.

Thanks for any help.

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Changed the carb? With an OEM carb? I would rebuild the OEM carb.

Hard telling what’s up with an aftermarket carb

Yes you need the screen otherwise whatever is in the tank will go right to the petcock
the filter may also be part of the problem if it’s too small
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