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2000 Honda Fourtrax 350 ES

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Hello eveybody.I am new to the forum.I just bought a 2000 Fourtrax 350 ES.Only 3800 klms.Great shape. I am having two issues=>
1) Electric shift sounds weak (labours) and momentarily shows "-".
2) It will sometimes not shift into reverse.

Any help would be appreciated.I would also like to know how the reverse shifting system works if someone could explain.

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clean machine ..... I would invest in a good battery maintainer and if your battery is not fairly new then get a new best quality battery you can get , and dielectric grease every connector -------- I don't have an ES and never will but ride with a few of them and it seems to me the ES models are very temperamental about having good voltage
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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