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2000 Hodna Foreman es rear differential problem.

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one day i was riding in my woods and my foreman kept making this really loud cracking noises and before i knew it my front wheels were only grabbing. nothings cracked on the differential or anything but does anybody know wat it might be?
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Are you saying the rear wheels aren't pulling? If so, pull back the rubber boot that covers the u-joint and check to make sure the u-joint isn't broken. If that's not the problem, it could be the driveshaft splines stripped or the axle splines where the ring gear splines to the axle. It could also be the diff gears, but there's no way of knowing without tearing it apart to see.
lol no thts not my wheeler. mine just has mud tires and itp rims. but ya the tires move, its not liked they r locked up, they move wit the wheeler. we talked to a mechanic he also said it might be the splines. he said he saw those foremans differentials go out just out of the ordinary. i have tooked care of the wheeler and shifted nice and easy. but he said those things just go our randomly sometimes. soo ya.
The axle splines where the ring gear splines on the axle are pretty common to strip or the driveshaft splines strip sometimes, too.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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