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2000 Foreman 500 wont shift.

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I just bought it first of all so dont know maintenance history. It's got the auto shift transmission. It goes forward in low gear (can go about 20 mph max)and reverse and that's it.
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The Foreman Rubicon Hondamatic 1st year was 2001. Do you have an '01 Rubicon MSgtNobody?

You can find a copy of the service manual for your Honda here:

The manual can help you identify the year & model of your ATV. The 10th character of your VIN number also denotes the year.
That is a Rubicon. It has a Hondamatic transmission. 2001 was the 1st year for the Rubi... so yours is not a 2000. Download the service manual (or buy a printed copy on eBay or from a Honda dealer), you'll need the service manual to work on it. The VIN number is stamped on the frame just behind the front bumper. See the service manual for help in locating the VIN. The tenth character specifies the year.... we need to know that.

First step for you after identifying the year will be to check for stored DTC trouble codes. That procedure is quite simple and is explained in the manual.

You'll need a fully charged battery that is in excellent condition in the bike before beginning diagnosis. If yours is old replace it. Let us know what ya got...


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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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