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2000 Foreman 400 no dash lights, won't crank

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Parked my Foreman 400 in the shed with everything working fine. A week or so later turned the key on to start it and nothing. No dash lights, no headlights, won't crank. Flashing green light for hour meter flashes as it should - functions correctly. I can pull start it or jump it at the solenoid and while running there are still no dash lights or headlights. Already changed the ignition switch with OEM Honda part. Nothing. Had battery tested - OK. Neutral/reverse switch seems to test good (I'm not so good at reading multimeters). All my fuses are good. Diode in the wire tested good. I don't know where to go from here.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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All the fuses have power including the main fuse. Battery is good. The ignition switch is not getting any power.
That's the one I called the main fuse. It's good.
Fixed! After going over everything I could find, I found the problem. One of the male connectors in the 5-pin plug by the battery had pulled back and was not making contact with the female side. I have no idea how that happened, but I pulled it back in place with needle nose pliers and that did it. So much aggravation and taking apart the whole front end but it's done and back in business. 19 years never had a problem other than normal wear and tear issues. Love that Honda!

Thanks for all the input folks.
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