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2000 400ex wont turn over, just clicks

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Pretty sure I've done all this correctly.

Battery- 13ish volts.

13 volts from Neg on battery to hot side of solenoid

13 volts across solenoid terminals when start button is pressed

13 volts from negative on battery to starter when start button is pushed

13 volts from main ground (frame end) to starter when start button is pushed

Nothing happens when solenoid terminals are jumped with key on. No sparks, nada.

Ran jumper cables from both sides of battery on one end to where the ground is connected and and to hot post of starter and nothing happens. No sparks, nada.

Is it the starter??
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If you put positive side of battery to the lug on side of starter and it didnt instantly crank over your starter is toast or the battery lost all its cranking amps. Try it from a good car battery with a jumper cable. If you still get nothing the starter is toast. Dont leave it on long just tap it with the cable end and it should crank real fast because car batterys have alot more cranking amps.
Really similar to a problem I had a few years ago. Nothing was working until I remembered to put it in neutral.
Wish i could say i have never done this^^^
But sadly it would be a lie. LoL

But in this case in neutral or not if you put power to the starter it turns over. Heck the the battery could just be laying on the ground with the starter off the quad and you power it up and it will crank. Saying its not a junk starter or bad battery.
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