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200 300ex having shifting problems?? please help

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ok i left my house and went thru all 5 gears no problem got to the woods and i stopped and took off in first went to shift to second and it wouldnt? tried for ever? then all the sudden it works?
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You should be able to shift through all gears with it sitting still and the engine off, without using the clutch. You may have to rock it back and forth a little while changing the gears. If it won't, then you have a problem with the actual gears, shift forks, shift drum, or shift linkage, etc. If it won't shift sitting still like that, then it's nothing to do with the clutch.
Yeah I guess I just assumed he meant it was running and he had the clutch pulled in.

EDIT - Well duh I read again and he said moving and going into second gear so it had to be running. LOL
Yeah, I was just telling him how he could test it. He can test it with the engine off and eliminate the clutch. If it will shift through all gears with it off and sitting still, then it's probably a clutch problem.
After rereading the post, I don't know if that will determine anything or not, because it's just doing it occasionally. That's the only way I know of to check it, though, besides taking it apart.
I broke a shift fork on a 2-stroke dirt bike once, but it wouldn't even go into 5th gear. It was like it would just go into neutral when I hit 5th. The shift fork could be worn or something causing it to bind. But I would say it's something to do with the shift forks or shift drum.
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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