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200 300ex having shifting problems?? please help

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ok i left my house and went thru all 5 gears no problem got to the woods and i stopped and took off in first went to shift to second and it wouldnt? tried for ever? then all the sudden it works?
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its happened to me twice now? something is deffinatly stuck when this happens? is this a sign of bad clutch?
ok i went out and it shifts thru all gears with engine off. and its wierd it only happens every now and then? but when it did it i was riding and wouldnt come out of first gear? i held in the clutch and tried lifting up and down with foot then my right hand and it was stiff wouldnt even budge a little up or down?
would it go into neutral?
no it just stayed in first gear wouldnt shift at all the shifter was stiff. i would roll up a little and try again did this bout 5 times then all the sudden im shifting fine again?
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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