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I don't get on here much, but wanted to share this. Sold my '13 Foreman500 as frankly it was just more than what I needed. I used that money to get a super clean 97 Honda 300 and an 86 TRX125. The 125 is absolutely perfect for my girls and I love riding it too! Most likely getting a very clean XR70 this weekend as well. Turned 1 machine into 3, with money left over for some small repairs and fun stuff.

Thinking the 125 will get a top end rebuild this winter. Compression is around 85psi right now and can't get it to run cleanly just off idle. Seems to run really rich off idle then cleans up nicely in the upper revs. No white smoke, just a bit of black smoke that def. smells rich.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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