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2" Lift Rear Driveshaft Question. 2014 420!

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Not sure if this is true on the newer models 2014+ but on the 2012-2013 models i know the driveshafts were barely long enough for a 2" lift, Is this true on the 2014 and newer models? Looking to stick a 2" on mine but not if i will have to get a custom driveshaft soon. Thanks in advance guys. Also any pictures of anyone with a 2" lift?
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I don’t know for sure but, what I am pretty sure of is this... Manufacturers of lift kits wouldn’t be selling them if it wasn’t possible to gain said lift.

If your in any doubt jack your rear ended up, unbolt your shock and lower the axle 2”, give the wheels a spin, you’ll feel and hear if your going to get any issues.
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