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1st gears GONE! =(

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ok i was wondering what do i need to get if my 1st gear is completely gone
ill shift it into 1st and it will make this grinding sound and it wont really move much.

i have a 1987 trx250x fourtrax

if anyone could help me out on what i need or send me to some cheapish links for parts that would help me so much!!!


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Have you tried to put it in any other gears? Make sure it's just first gear that don't work, before you tear into it.
sounds confusing for me lol

do you know a rough estimate of how much its gunna cost if i just took it into a shop?

we have a big atv honda dealership not to far from here
cost ???..any time you mention dealer ship..that alone tell's me..stay away !..lmao..for what they would charge you to fix may as well buy a new motor..thats about how much they are gonna charge is why i do all my own i save a ton of cash from not giving it to the dealer
I agree with Shadetree. For the price they would charge you at a dealership, you could buy another good, used ATV.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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