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1999 TRX250 Recon ES - No Power

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I have a 1999 TRX250 Recon. It has been sitting for approximately 6 to 7 months. It ran great when it was parked, however, when I went to try it yesterday, it was dead. I assumed that the battery was bad, so I put in a brand new battery. I have also checked the two main fuses that were in the battery compartment.

When I turn on the main switch,there is nothing. No headlights, no shift/gear indicator lights, brake lights, etc.. I have had a recent shoulder injury, so I was unable to start it using the pull cord (which I have never done anyway.) I did not have a meter with me at the time, but there was spark on the new battery.

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The ignition is powered by the exciter coil (AC-CDI) so that explains why it has spark but no DC battery power anywhere else. To fix that, first clean the battery cables where they attach to your new battery. Make sure you tighten down the Red battery cable on the positive (+) battery terminal and the Black battery cable on the negative (-) terminal. If you connect the battery backwards it won't work... and you might fry stuff.

Next unbolt the black ground cable (that comes from the battery negative) from the motor near the starter. Clean that terminal and the area where it bolts down to the motor and reattach. If you still don't have power to anything clean and tighten the grounds on the frame. Then turn the key on and off many times to see if it suddenly powers up... sometimes the ignition switch can get water/moisture in it and fail. Turning it on and off several times might clear possible corrosion from those switch contacts.

You can find a link to a copy of the service manual in the first thread at the top of the manuals section.

Let us know how it goes and welcome to the forums!
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If there is a Red wire coming from the Regulator/rectifier plug that did not get reconnected when you replaced the battery, fish it out of the battery box and add that to the positive (+) battery terminal bolt.
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