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1999 honda trx400 no crank

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I have a 400 ex and it will not spark. I have replaced the stator, ignition coil, plug and plug wire. I have checked the plug wire and no spark. Anyone have any advice??
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Pulse generator or CDI, but I agree with Shadetree, probably the CDI.
i have the same problem, i have a 99 trx 440ex and i was ripping around in some mud and fields, then i shut the quad off and tthen i had really hard ime starting, but sure enough it started, fo i putted around a bit more, and sut it off for lunch and went to start it and nothing... let it sit a bit longer and then it had a real hard time starting to crank then it tturned over, i got home that night, went to sart it nothing, now it just kind of ticks when i press the electric start coming from the solenoid, so i tried crossing the posts and it puttered then nothing, now when i try it does absolutely nothing, just the odd tick.. so does hat mean the solenoid is gone and possibly sarter?
sorry, lol thanks
First make sure your battery is good and fully charged. Also, check all the connections to make sure they're clean and tight.
I have a 1999 honda trx 400 ex
it has been sitting for some time and i just replaced the battery drained the gas .
Never had a problem in the past but it cranks and has no spark
how can i check the ign coil and the cdi box ?
Thank you bobby
Welcome to the forums. There is no test for the CDI, other than replacing it with a known good one. But you can test all the other ignition components first and if they all test good, then you can replace the CDI. That's generally the steps to take. The service manual will show you how to test the other ignition components. If you don't have a service manual, click on the link below and you can download one.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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