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1999 Honda Fourtrax shifting problems

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My Fourtrax was running fine then kicking in fourth gear was a little hard then went in fine . The next time I started it it didn't want to shift up to any gears then learn once I got warmed up I can shifted into gears if I beat the hell out of the shifter pulling it up with my hand more like jerking it up aggressively and then we kick up in the gear wouldn't do it when it's colder though, Took the right side case off to look inside there to see if the shift arm that attaches the clutch was messed up at all and it seems fine is there anything I should look for on this side
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Do you have a copy of the FSM yet? I'll look into it... but hopefully someone more knowledgeable with 300s will chime in soon. Everyone is on a holiday here in the US this weekend, so give this some time...
Has this motor been blown up before? Or been submerged in water before? No piston chunks or other debris in the crankcase?

If so, thar' lies your problems. Cases will need to be split to clean it all out and replace bearings, seals and everything thats gotten ruined.

If not, while you have that right side cover off, take the left side cover off and check out the shifter ratchet/stops assemblies. Section 9 in the FSM covers that.

If all is well with those then I would suspect bent/broken/wornout shift fork(s) and/or shifter drum cam grooves torn up or the drum seizing up in crankcase dirt/debris. You can check the drum rotation/condition a little better while the left side cover is off.


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