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1999 Honda Fourtrax 4x4 valve rattle? Or??? Help???

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1999 fourtrax has a steady tap to it when running . Never changes in frequency or anything , taps right along with the speed of the motor . Listened with stethoscope . Doesn’t sound like cam chain . Seems to be coming from around exhaust valve /rocker area . It’s definitely a tap. Previous owner said they adjusted valves 5 hours ago. Can hear it resonate through the exhaust . No problems running , no smoke . No other issues with performance . Pulling covers tomorrow to check clearance . My first Honda and I hear they are super reliable . This one is in great condition other than the annoying tap. Really looking for opinions . Thanks
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A copy of the service manual might be useful. Welcome to the forums!
Yeah, that chain is worn slap out! The gap should be 7/16" minimum... they commonly start slapping around 3/16"-1/4" gap. so yours has been bad for quite a while. I advise that you don't start the motor again because the chain can jump time any moment and bend a valve.
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