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1999 Honda Fourtrax 4x4 valve rattle? Or??? Help???

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1999 fourtrax has a steady tap to it when running . Never changes in frequency or anything , taps right along with the speed of the motor . Listened with stethoscope . Doesn’t sound like cam chain . Seems to be coming from around exhaust valve /rocker area . It’s definitely a tap. Previous owner said they adjusted valves 5 hours ago. Can hear it resonate through the exhaust . No problems running , no smoke . No other issues with performance . Pulling covers tomorrow to check clearance . My first Honda and I hear they are super reliable . This one is in great condition other than the annoying tap. Really looking for opinions . Thanks
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Sounds like that could be the answer there . Picked up a service manual as well. Gonna try and right the wrong hopefully tomorrow. Any chance damage could have been done to the valves at all for improperly setting them? Really want this one to be around for a long time! I will update with my results tomorrow as well. Thanks for the replies
So adjusted the valves to spec and still same sound . Obvious next step was to check cam chain tensioner . Came out of body and goes back in flush . Does not have a gap between jug and where it sits . Seems either tensioner is bad or cam chain stretched? Can’t get bolt off to work tensioner . Any suggestions on next move ? Also what should the gap be . Seen somewhere 7/16?
Seems like the tensioner is bad . It has no movement whatsoever. Pulled rocker cover and checked everything and to be honest looked nearly brand new in there . I know it’s not the best but tried a manual tensioner a buddy had and added literally an 1/8 inch to what the factory tensioner had and it purrs like a kitten . Not thinking this will be a permanent fix as I’m sure it won’t but curious as to what the length of the tensioner should be from the body of it to end of shaft . This would give me a reference to see if chain is stretched or tensioner is bad . The tensioner will not move in or out no matter which way I turn it . Would you guys know the length of the factory tensioner shaft by chance ?
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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