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1999 honda 400ex

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hey i just bought a used 99 400ex i know a couple things about it it
it needs a starter solenoid
but i roll started it and runs really good this quad is bored out and the whole entire motor was rebuilt
but one thing i did notice in my yard when i was riding it i went up a hill and once i got to the top and turned round the quad stalled it did this to me a couple times
the choke was off and the quad was idling for 5 minutes before i took it up the hill

any ideas of what can be wrong
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i will check the gas cap its got a full tank i am trying other things before i touch the carb because i am not a carb expert i think it has a short in the key switch because the previous owner had put in a switch from another quad because he sodered on the ignition wires to really short wires coming out of the switch ant they were loose and able to touch each other so it can be shorting out
my friend told me to check carb for some water in it because it has been sitting for over 3 months
Either of those problems could cause the engine to stall, but the fact that it has been sitting for over 3 months could mean the carb needs to be cleaned, too. I would fix the keyswitch and drain out the old gas and put new in and go from there. If neither of those are the problem, I would clean the carb.
it was the switch i got one from Honda and it worked like new
Great, glad you got it figured out.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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