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1999 foreman 670 front diff knocking noise

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I got a 1999 Honda foreman 400 that has been bored out a 670 and when I got it the front diff was busted wide open and i replaced it with one out of a 1999 Honda foreman 450 es that was flooded out about 3 months ago I went to creekside in splendora Texas and when I came out of a deep thick hole heard it knocking so I loaded up and went home but I still dk what the noise is so I need some help
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well since we were NOT there to hear the noise, its rather impossible to know what your problem is, based on you saying you heard a knocking sound>
it could be a LOT of things
where is the knocking noise coming from, location,
diff, front or rear, motor, top or bottom,
and I also think its pretty impossible to bore to a 670 in a 400, but guess anything is possible??
but if you went that far over stock, odds are the motor isn't going to last very long, and be rather weakened from all that boring that happened!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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