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1999 foreman 670 front diff knocking noise

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I got a 1999 Honda foreman 400 that has been bored out a 670 and when I got it the front diff was busted wide open and i replaced it with one out of a 1999 Honda foreman 450 es that was flooded out about 3 months ago I went to creekside in splendora Texas and when I came out of a deep thick hole heard it knocking so I loaded up and went home but I still dk what the noise is so I need some help
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Its the front diff I don't know where its coming from and it gots a rubicon 500 jug and head the jug has been bored to a 670 but the diff has been rebuilt but I 450 axle bars on it
1999 Honda foreman 400 w/rubicon 500 topend chats been bored to a 670


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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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