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1999 Foreman 450 rear brake panel

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I have a 99 Foreman and need to replace the rear brake panel due to the lip that the O ring sits on is cracked. All the panels that I’m finding are for 2002-04 Foreman’s and says it won’t fit my 99.

Is there really a difference between the 98-01’s and 02-04’s?

I tried doing some research but wasn’t able to find anything. I just don’t want to place an order only to find out that it won’t fit, they’re kind of pricey.
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Thanks for the links! I ended up just jb welding it, I figured it’s not under any real stress so it “should” be ok. It actually seems to have set up really well and pretty strong so I guess we’ll see.

I’ll definitely save those links Incase it doesn’t hold up.
I think they are all the same , 98-2004 , I have both bikes and took the drum brakes off both and replaced them with disc , could pick out one from the other if I tried as I didn't mark them --------- I have had pieces of the backing plate where the o-ring sits break off and filled it with silicone or Honda Bond before , it really didn't matter as when you ride in water it is going to get in ------------ here is link to a used a plate with the arm and shoes for like $149 , PSN is usually pretty good on the price , but I seen that plate goes for $200+ new ----

Honda Foreman 450 S 99 Brake Backing Plate Rear 18326
What rear disc brake kit did you get? I put the highlifter kit (if I’m remembering right it was high lifter) on the front about 12 years ago or so and it’s been great.

I just ordered the Superatv kit the other day when I started adding everything up that I’d need to make my drum work again. It arrived this morning and I installed it but was very disappointed. Nothing lined up and I couldn’t get the caliper to work.

I really didn’t want to do a lot of fabbing or a lot of messing around to make it work since all I really want the back brakes for are the parking brake. Thankfully they let me return the kit without any hassle.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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