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1999 450 foreman wont start

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Alright, this weekend i went riding any my foreman started back firing really bad and if i pressed the throttle it would bog down. We let it sit for a while and it was really hard to start back and i ran fine. We got it back to the shop and then it wouldnt start at all. We checked to see if it was sparking and its not. So far we have changed the plug and even took another coil off a junk fourwheeler. Still nothing. If you crank it over for about 30 secs it will hit once but thats it. We also know its getting gas. What could be the problem. Im stuck
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Since those are not fuel injected, it won't have a computer. All it will have is the CDI and you've already replaced it. It could be your stator or pulse generator.
what is the other box next to the cdi? i thought that was the computer
Probably the alarm unit box that works the oil temp light and electric fan.
I think the 450 has the longitudinally mounted engine. If it does, you will have to unbolt the front diff, move it forward and then the driveshaft will pull out.

It would be best to use a new side cover gasket. If you can get the old gasket off without tearing it, you could probably reuse it and put Hondabond on both sides of it. I recommend getting a new one if you can, though.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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