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1999 450 foreman wont start

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Alright, this weekend i went riding any my foreman started back firing really bad and if i pressed the throttle it would bog down. We let it sit for a while and it was really hard to start back and i ran fine. We got it back to the shop and then it wouldnt start at all. We checked to see if it was sparking and its not. So far we have changed the plug and even took another coil off a junk fourwheeler. Still nothing. If you crank it over for about 30 secs it will hit once but thats it. We also know its getting gas. What could be the problem. Im stuck
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Thanks but we already checked all the fuses and we've tried two dif coils so far. We know the second one worked because the junk fourwheeler just had a blown motor not to long ago. I think it might be the cdi im getting another one of them tomorrow. If its not that im gonna try bypassing the kill switch
Well i tried the new cdi box today and still nothing... Im thinkin its the kill switch because i actually hit it by accident about 30 mins before it started acting up so ill have to try that this weekend
Im using a whole different coil with the wires and it worked perfect on the other quad. Bran new plug. Checked all the connectors and theyre dry. Its been sitting in a barn for about a week now so they should be dry but they also dont have grease on them.It just doesnt make sense that when it first acted up it would idle but if i tried to rev it it would backfire a lot and just bog down, then it would just die when i tried to rev it. I pulled it back to the shop. It then took forever to start back but ran perfect and now it wont start at all. I've never heard of anything doing something like this. Could it be the main computer possibly? all the electrical still works just wont fire
what is the other box next to the cdi? i thought that was the computer
havent been able to get on lately but i still havent got this thing running. I'm pretty sure its the stator. I started to take the crank case cover off today but i cant get it all the way off because of the driveshaft to the frontend. How can i get the driveshaft off, i looked but cant find anyway it comes off. Also what can be used as a gasket for the crankcase cover once i get ready to put it back on?
The last time i checked to see if it was firing it did fire the very first time i cranked it over then quit. I already have the crank case cover a few inches just couldnt get it all the way off cause of the shaft. We got some fourwheeler junkyards around here so il get a dif cdi box. I hate buyin new stock expensive parts lol
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