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1999 450 foreman wont start

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Alright, this weekend i went riding any my foreman started back firing really bad and if i pressed the throttle it would bog down. We let it sit for a while and it was really hard to start back and i ran fine. We got it back to the shop and then it wouldnt start at all. We checked to see if it was sparking and its not. So far we have changed the plug and even took another coil off a junk fourwheeler. Still nothing. If you crank it over for about 30 secs it will hit once but thats it. We also know its getting gas. What could be the problem. Im stuck
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havent been able to get on lately but i still havent got this thing running. I'm pretty sure its the stator. I started to take the crank case cover off today but i cant get it all the way off because of the driveshaft to the frontend. How can i get the driveshaft off, i looked but cant find anyway it comes off. Also what can be used as a gasket for the crankcase cover once i get ready to put it back on?
the drive shaft has a keeper c-clip holding it's on the right end of the drive your facing sit's inside a metal ring looking will need a pair of retaining ring pliers to open it off the grove..pull it back towards the front on the drive shaft...once that is done,,take a punch..screw driver..what ever is handy.tap the drive shaft's end towards the front...this will seperate the drive shaft from the output shaft..once that is done..remove the drive shaft..this should alllow you to pull the cover off..this is unless there is another c-clip on the front of the drive shaft ?..if so.repeat the same on far as your bike running..does it still fire one time..then stop ?..if this is the case..then your problem is the c.d.i..i've ran into this problem alot..and NEED TO HAVE THE SAME YEAR MODEL C.D.I..otherwise you wont get any fire to spark plug !!!..before you pull the side cover get to the stator..i would highly recomend getting the right c.d.i for your year an sure will save you alot of trouble.
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The last time i checked to see if it was firing it did fire the very first time i cranked it over then quit. I already have the crank case cover a few inches just couldnt get it all the way off cause of the shaft. We got some fourwheeler junkyards around here so il get a dif cdi box. I hate buyin new stock expensive parts lol
you prob shoulda left your case on...i'm pretty sure it's your c.d.i. i've seen this wayyyyyyy too many times..if you can put the case back on..and you haven't tore your gasket up..i highly recomend that you wait until you get the right that you know is working from the same year model as yours..your gonna be shocked to see it
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