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1998 trx450es

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any chance any member has a good used trx450es ( '98 ) head laying around they want to let go ?, give me a holler plz :).
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If you haven't found one yet PSN has two in stock, and they're running a 25% off sale all next week (M-F) if you order two or more items. Use promo code Bossman.

If I only need one part I normally order a spare solenoid or other cheap part to get the discount.
I found one, a member here ( @bcsman ) !! was kind enough to ship his spare, and some other parts that I needed, I wanted to pay shipping at least, but he would not take it ! his head is damaged where the ex head bolts up, but I only needed the valve guides. sooooo..he sent his, I will press his out, press this bad one out, press his back into this head, and all will be golden :).
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts