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1998 honda 300 fourtrax front and rear breaks

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Hello, My father-inlaw has a 300 fourtrax that his on has worked on. He is a good mechanic, but is having problems getting the right front and rear breaks adjusted right on it. Now I am stuck with this task and need help!!!!!!! :hail:LOL The rear will not grab or release, and the right front will not expand. So the only breaks are the left front. Any help will be great. Thanks
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I haven't tore into it yet. I have been going thru the forum post and seeing wht can find out. Tomorrow is the big day...LOL.... What an awesome group of ppl you have here. I found the post about sercive manuals and purchased the one for the 300.
Chris said the pads are fine and he said he bleed the front. The rear break arm at the drum wont retract after ingaged. And when engaged they dont work? I will post more tomorrow for sure.
Thank you for your help. Howard loves his 300 and I just want to get it back to a safe riding fun bike. Hell, he's 70 years old and out rides most of us!!!!!!lol
Thanks so much......I will.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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