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1998 honda 300 fourtrax front and rear breaks

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Hello, My father-inlaw has a 300 fourtrax that his on has worked on. He is a good mechanic, but is having problems getting the right front and rear breaks adjusted right on it. Now I am stuck with this task and need help!!!!!!! :hail:LOL The rear will not grab or release, and the right front will not expand. So the only breaks are the left front. Any help will be great. Thanks
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i have seen the front disc conversion for 4x4s, do they make it for 2wd too? and submarine, there any issues with you removing your rear drum brake? and what did you do about a parking brake?
thats a pretty good looking brake kit for a decent price. and the needing 12" wheels doesnt bother me. i want to get 12" rims with 25" tires anyway. so the rear brake on our quads are bad about getting full of mud and crap? when you remove the rear brake components, do you remove everything, full drum, shoes,ect, cable, pedal, hand brake lever? and what does this do for putting it into reverse? just looking for a bit of info because i love playing in the semi-deep water and nasty mud and goopy stuff. :biggrin:
by the way, does anyone know how a set of wheels for a 4x4 300 will fit on a 2wd? i was just looking at wheels and all i found so far were 12x7 2+5 and 5+2 for a 4x4. will these fit okay on mine??
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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