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1998 300Fourtrax 4x4 Creek bike

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Hey guys I decided recently to get my old 300 fixed up just a little for some creek and water riding. Im replacing the front brakes with a disc brake conversion. When I do this will I need any spacers on the back wheels to make it sit right? Itll just have 12" ITP delta steel wheels front and back.

Also I was thinking about getting either 25x10x12 Kenda Pathfinders for all 4 corners or Kenda Bearclaw 26x9x12 but wasn't sure if the bearclaw would dig to much in the creek and soft wet sand?

Any help would be appreciated. Just looking at those 2 tires because weight wise they are kind of light for an old 300.:grin
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I never noticed any width differences when I fitted my disc conversion, so I’m leaning towards no on that one.
As for tyres, Bear claws I found are a fantastic all round tyre, they seem to grip rather than dig, with those if go 9” wide up front and 12” wide in the rear, your choice though of course.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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