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1998 300Fourtrax 4x4 Creek bike

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Hey guys I decided recently to get my old 300 fixed up just a little for some creek and water riding. Im replacing the front brakes with a disc brake conversion. When I do this will I need any spacers on the back wheels to make it sit right? Itll just have 12" ITP delta steel wheels front and back.

Also I was thinking about getting either 25x10x12 Kenda Pathfinders for all 4 corners or Kenda Bearclaw 26x9x12 but wasn't sure if the bearclaw would dig to much in the creek and soft wet sand?

Any help would be appreciated. Just looking at those 2 tires because weight wise they are kind of light for an old 300.:grin
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Thanks for the info I could have sworn i saw somewhere it throws off the offsets maybe i was wrong.

Also does anyone know of any good aftermark slip on exhausts for a 1998 300 4x4? I seem to be having problems finding one. I found a DG exhaust but its the full system and needs rejetting and stuff afterwards with optimizer i believe. Was wanting to keep away from that if i could since im on a budget.
If i put the 26x9x12 Bearclaws on it do you think i would have any problems turning the tires? According to most sites i can find they only weigh around 18 Lbs. per tire which i thought was pretty low. And would i have any clearance issues where i would possibly need a lift kit for it? I think Dennis KIrk website lists the 26 inch Bearclaw as an inflated Height of 25 inches and weighing less than the 25 Inch bearclaw tires anyone know if thats true?
Here are a couple pictures of it. I have a new seat on the way and the front end starting to be torn apart a little in preperation for a new axle since i had a bad boot just decided to replace the whole axle. Just need my disc brakes which should arrive today so i can put them on.Then its just a matter of finding an exhaust which isnt a huge hurry or anything.


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So here is a picture of it after I got done with it. I went with 25x10 and 25x8 bearclaws and 1.5" snorkel. The angle didn't come out quite right because I wasn't paying attention and had the gas tank off so It hit the fuel switch but I figured it would be fine for now.

Now here is the problem, every time I get on the gas whether it be in the water or just going up a hill or anything it cuts out on me and kind of I guess pops? through the snorkel. Does it even with the airbox lid off. Any ideas on what could cause this. It never did it before snorkeling. I would think its not an airflow issue since its 1.5" pipe. I did change the gas line from the gas tank to the carberator and it had a smaller inside diameter could that be causing it? Any help would be appreciated.


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