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1997 TRX200D Type 2 help

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Guys and gals.

Bought this thing out of a barn, stellar shape. Can't have 50hours on it. Even the seat looks brand new. It would pass for a 2015 or 16 if it weren't for the square headlights. It's that nice! Unmolested!
Of course I had to replace the tires,do the carb work and clean out the tank, etc etc. Front brakes didn't work so I rebuilt the master cylinder.... When I would put a vacuum on the bleed valve of either side I could get no movement. It would hold 15lbs of vacuum with the bleed valve wide open. With the help of this forum we concluded that from sitting, either a line had rotted and collapsed inside or the proportion valve was corroded. I replaced all of them and the valve and I still cant get anything to move through either bleed valve. What else is there in this system? Any suggestions would be helpful as this shouldn't be that difficult and I'm racking my brain.

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Your bleeders may be corroded shut? You can take them out and run a small drill bit through 'em. Wheel cylinders might be corroded bad and stuck too... I'd take the entire front brake system apart (hoses off, steel lines off, wheel cylinders off etc.) and flush & clean everything real good. Replace (or repair) anything that is junk/corroded.
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