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1997 Honda 300 trx throttle problems

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This atv is snorkled...I went to deep, not over the snorkel(just above the handle bars), and it shut off. Well after i got it up and running and after changing the milky oil(crankcase vent tube was broke and didnt know it), it will not go to full throttle in gears 1-4. It will back itself off once it hits so many rpms. I guess it doesnt reach the specific rpms in 5th gear cause it dosnt back off in 5th. I figured it might be the rev limiter in the CDI box, so i changed it. It was not the CDI box...any suggestions????
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Welcome to the forums. Did you clean your carb? You could have some water in the carb. Check for water in the bowl and the top of the carb in the vacuum piston.
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