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1996 Fourtrax 4x4 question

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Hi all,

I am looking to buy my first ATV and i wanted to see what you guys thought.

It is a 1996 Honda Fourtrax 300 4x4 looks to be in pretty good condition from the pictures and they say it runs great. I am going to go look at it tonight. They are asking $2,000. Is this a good price? Any idea what a good price would be?
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it could be a good price , depending on condition and location ----------- as long as the engine sounds good , the heart of the 300 is the rear end , I would check the oil in the rear end for cleanliness and jack it off the ground and check the bearings for play
The 300 is a great ATV, with the aftermarket still supporting it, new parts are still available, and there are a gazillion of them out there to pick parts off of.
It needs to be in very good shape for $2000.00. If you aren't sure once you've looked at it, snap some clear, detailed photos, and post them here. Extra eyes on it might be helpful. That isn't the same as being there and hearing it run, but experienced folks may spot issues, or positives, that you might miss.
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whiteviper Gallery - Honda ATV Photo Gallery

I am not the greatest with posting pictures. I think i got them posted to my gallery. I am not sure how to post them to this message.
I can see that the rims were just painted ?, it's got over spray on the but still looks good to me. 2k is a tad high, it would have to be in mint condition for me to fork out that kinda cash, or at least look it ? check the air box for signs of mud/water ?, check the motor oil for signs of water ?. check the fuel tank for signs of rust ?.
It looks straight, and pretty original. The front rims don't match the rears, and they've been painted- I would ask why.
I would want to go over it with a fine tooth comb, but first impressions are that it is in original, above average shape.
Not a bad deal. It would get $1800-2200 here
Where I live, that would easily go for close to 2k...
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