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1996 300cc Honda Fourtrax 4x2

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My bike was running fine until someone stole it a while back.
We quickly recovered the bike, but the punks cut all of my wiring. And cut it REALLY short so I couldn't splice anything back together.

I've replaced all of the cut wiring and fuel lines, but I can't get the motor to turn over.

The green "Neutral" light comes on and I can hear the starter solenoid click, but the starter motor doesn't turn.
I don't have a volt-meter, but using a continuity meter shows power on the starter side of the solenoid (although the meter light is considerably dimmer on the starter side v. the battery side).

The motor cover over the solenoid is removed at this point. I don't think there is any sort of interlock / switch that requires the cover to be installed for the starter to turn. I was thinking I would be able to push the START button and observe the shaft of the starter turn, but that's not happening.

Ok... you guys have any suggestions, or perhaps have any questions for clarification?

Thanks in advance!
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Look carefully at the plastic fenders and check for any cracks or breaks in the plastic. If they are broken or cracked, they will need to be replaced. Replacement fenders for any ATV are very expensive. The condition of the plastic will also give you a good idea about how the ATV was treated, rough or well cared for.
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