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hello all new to this fourm seems like a happy place :)

anyhows i recentley bought a big red round about 1995 ish 2wd for £400 and ive got a problem witrh the gears

im wondering if anyone cxan help basicley everything works and the quad is iun good nick (plastics and undercarage really gd ect)
but i have a problem with the gears sometimes it will select 1st and 2nd but when it gets to 3rd it seams to slip out of place and the gearsa need to be clicked up and down till i can find something ive been told best thinf is a new enging but im not really wanting to fork out £300 for that hopefully there is a simple solution
any help would be super cheers
mullet :)

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Welcome to the forums. It sounds like you may have a problem inside the transmission. Usually the problem is something to do with the linkage, but in this situation, it sounds like it's something in the actual transmission itself. You could try to pull the side covers off and check the linkage, but I'm guessing the case will have to be split to find the problem.

I would start by removing the left side cover and removing the shifter shaft and linkage and trying to turn the shift drum and see if it will lock into every gear. If it doesn't, the problem is likely in the transmission itself. NOTE: If you do happen to find the problem in the linkage on the left side, remember that the right side cover will have to come off after you put the left side cover back on, to time the clutch lever. Once you pull the shifter shaft out of the left side, the clutch lever will come off on the right side and has to be realigned or timed.
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