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1995 foreman 400 water in engine

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Hello, Ive got an issue with a foreman 400 that I cant seem to track down. Somehow water is entering the engine from somewhere. Its definitely water and not condensation. The water and slush this quad runs through is only a couple inches or so deep.
Ive checked the breather tube for damage and routing and Ive replaced the seal on the motor behind the recoil.
There is a speedometer on this machine that looks like it was a optional accessory because its mounted on the rack. The speedo cable plugs into the rear of the engine just in front of the rear left tire. Im suspecting this is where the water is entering.
Ive already disconnected the cable and housing and re-installed using rtv gasket maker but water is still seeping in from somewhere. Im still thinking thats the entry point and have no problem with disconnecting it altogether and covering up the hole with the original cover.
If anyone has had the same issue please respond, Im open to suggestions. Thanks
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I also have a 95 foreman I just bought with out a head light or speedometer on the handlebars. I found a headlight and speedometer assembly at a salvage yard near my house and bought it. I can not find any where on the motor for a part the place on it to make the speedometer function. Can you send me a picture of where the wires are going the sensor? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
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