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1995 foreman 400 water in engine

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Hello, Ive got an issue with a foreman 400 that I cant seem to track down. Somehow water is entering the engine from somewhere. Its definitely water and not condensation. The water and slush this quad runs through is only a couple inches or so deep.
Ive checked the breather tube for damage and routing and Ive replaced the seal on the motor behind the recoil.
There is a speedometer on this machine that looks like it was a optional accessory because its mounted on the rack. The speedo cable plugs into the rear of the engine just in front of the rear left tire. Im suspecting this is where the water is entering.
Ive already disconnected the cable and housing and re-installed using rtv gasket maker but water is still seeping in from somewhere. Im still thinking thats the entry point and have no problem with disconnecting it altogether and covering up the hole with the original cover.
If anyone has had the same issue please respond, Im open to suggestions. Thanks
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^^^^^^^agreed and have you checked the air box to see if it is wet or damp?
Thanks for the quick responses. The motor is air cooled and I have checked the air box. I will check air box again though, I believe there is a breather tube connected somewhere.
Im not the owner of this machine, Im just doing the work on it. Last fall I had two problems to fix at the same time. One was the water in the oil and the other was the shift drum coming apart. Ive had the motor out and on my bench and replaced both left and right hand cover gaskets aswell as that seal on the shaft connecting the recoil.
When the owner drops it off this week, I think Im going to stand it up on end and look it over from the bottom. Im still open to suggestions
Oh also it takes about 4 oil changes to get the water out. one change will not do it trust me I know. also if it is really bad you might have to tear the engine down to get it all out
Yep, This will be my seventh oil change since the last three visits so Im really hoping to get this figured out.
crankcase vent is on and not split or have holes in it?
Ive checked to make sure breather is clear, properly routed and damage free. it T's off and runs in two different directions if I remember correctly. Im checking it again when machine shows up. Sometimes I dont see everything the first time
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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