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1994 TRX300FW Brake Job Help

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Just installed new front pads and springs. I cleaned the adjusters real good as they wer pretty rusty. Have not installed the drums yet because I squeezed brake handle to check cylinders and only one out of the four moves. Should they all move at same time? Brakes were working somewhat before I tore it all apart but not great. How do you test the wheel cylinders? Do I need to bleed lines first then check to see if they al move at same time?
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I don't know if you can tell like that. The master cylinder plunger on an ATV don't have much travel, so the plungers on an ATV wheel cylinder won't move very much. If one goes out too far, the others might not move. Also, if air is in the lines, they won't move out. Before you can bleed the air out of the lines, you need to have the drums on and the brakes shoes adjusted up. I would go ahead and put everything back together and adjust the brakes up and bleed the system and go from there.
Thank You Helmut will do tomorrow, I will let you know how i make out.
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